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Version 2.0 October 2017

In order to be of service, we process (personal) data from you. Tranzer takes your privacy very seriously and therefore treats your personal information carefully. In this privacy statement, you will read how we process your data and what we use them for.

Tranzer is an application from Tranzer B.V. located at Stationsplein 61, 3818 LE in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. Tranzer B.V. is responsible for processing your personal data as covered in the Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (WbP) / General Data Protection Data Protection Act (AVG).

With Tranzer, you can plan your trip with your phone from your current location and buy tickets that you receive directly on your phone and allow you to travel immediately.

Above all, Tranzer is complies with the requirements of the privacy legislation. We carefully manage your data. And we will continue to do that, whilst constantly looking for the best way to provide our services as quickly and easily as possible.

What data do we process and what are we using that data for?

We collect (personal) data and information from you, which data we process for different purposes.

Personal data

We collect your first and last name, e-mail address, date of birth,IP address and phonenumber to:

  • issue valid transport tickets
  • send payment and purchase documents
  • enable you to submit refund requests to carriers
  • recognize you
  • provide you with user support
  • let you order a taxi

    Location data

    We collect the GPS location and IP address of your mobile operating system when the app runs in the foreground or background to:

  • determine your location
  • provide you with personal and tailored travel advice

    Transaction data

    We collect your transaction details, such as date and time when you purchase a ticket, the amount charged, the distance you traveled, and where to where you purchased a ticket:

  • to provide you with a payment and purchase receipt
  • to allow you to make payments in the app
  • to provide in the app insight into your travel history
  • to inform carriers at an aggregated level of the travel and related expenses incurred
  • Activities data

    We will keep your activity in the app to:

  • provide you with user support
  • observe how our service functions, how we can improve and maintain it
  • solve software and operational issues
  • perform tests and research
  • monitor and analyze usage and activity trends


    We use your email address:

  • For sending payment and purchase documents in Tranzer
  • To inform you about app updates and changes in our Services
  • To carry out research to better understand how users are using the Services and improve them.
  • To respond on a helpdesk question from you
  • Only with your permission: for sending newsletters and other communications. One can always unsubscribe from a newsletter. The newsletter provides a cancellation opportunity that you can click.


    We collect these data based on the permission you gave.


    Tranzer only processes your personal information based on permission

    Personal data may only be processed if there is a legal basis for this (rule of law). The basis we use for processing personal data is your unambiguous consent (Article 8 (a), Wbp / Article 4, paragraph 11 AGV). By registering with the Tranzer application, you actively agree to the processing of personal data, the terms and conditions and privacy policy, and you consent to the processing of your data by Tranzer as described in this privacy policy.


    Of course, you can always withdraw your consent. We disconnect your data and delete your personal data from our databases and administration. This right (to withdraw your permission) relates to future processing of your personal data and not to the personal data we have already processed. Without processing your data we can not provide you with our services.

    Do we provide your information to third parties?

    Notwithstanding the functioning of the app, Tranzer does not pass on your personal information to third parties unless a legal obligation or court order is required or you are specifically requested for permission.


    Appropriate protection level

    For the operation of the app, Tranzer stores your data with a number of parties inside and outside Europe. Within Europe, Amazon is hosting our data and a payment server provider for payment with Ideal. Both parties state to have an appropriate level of protection for the processing of personal data within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act / General Data Protection Act (AVG).


    Outside Europe, there are Mandrill, Mailchimp, Mixpanel, Slack and Braintree. These parties statea to comply with the Privacy Shield principles and are affiliated with the U.S. Department of Commerce's Privacy Shield Program. This means that there is an appropriate level of protection for the processing of any personal data.



    We make use of cookies on this website. A cookie is a simple small file sent to pages from this website and stored by your browser on your device. The information stored therein can be used in a subsequent visit to make access to the website easier for you. For example, by loading your personal preferences. If you do not want us to use cookies, you can choose from your browser for the "cookies off" option or ask your browser provider for the correct settings


    Google Analytics

    Via our website, a cookie is placed from the U.S. company Google, as part of the "Analytics" service. We use this service to keep track of and report on how visitors use the website. Google may provide this information to third parties if Google is required to do so by law, or in so far as third parties process information on behalf of Google. We have no influence on this process. We have not allowed Google to use the analytics information obtained for other Google services. The information collected by Google is as anonymised as possible. Your IP address is expressly not provided. The information is transferred to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. Google states to comply with the Privacy Shield principles and is affiliated with the U.S. Department of Commerce's Privacy Shield Program. This implies that there is an appropriate level of protection for the processing of any personal data.


    Are your personal details kept?

    Yes, Tranzer keeps your data as long as your account remains active unless you ask us to delete your data or delete your account. Tranzer removes your data on request or makes it anonymous.

    You can unsubscribe from Tranzer at any time by sending an e-mail to Once you have unsubscribed, we will delete your data from our databases and administration or make them anonymous.

    What are your rights?

    Access to your data
    As a customer you have the right to access your personal information. This means that you can us ask which personal information is registered for you and for what purposes this information is used.


    Correction of your data
    As a customer you have the right to have your personal information corrected, if our registration does not appear to be correct. This also applies if the data is to be supplemented or modified.


    Right to be forgotten
    As a customer you have the right to have your personal information removed. This means that we remove your personal information from our systems. Your data may still be anonymized and / or aggregated in various management reports.


    Right to object
    As a customer you have the right to object to the processing of your personal information. We will address your objection, if provided with reasonable substantiation, and respond to you as soon as possible but no later than three weeks.


    Right to data transfer
    As a customer you have the right to portability of your personal information. This means that we can make your personal data available in standard file format so that you can reuse it.


    Data security

    Tranzer B.V. will take appropriate, state-of-the-art technical and organizational security measures to provide adequate safeguards for the security, integrity and availability of your data. This also applies to the information to be added, extracted and / or derived from it. Both input and output will be be protected by Tranzer B.V. against loss, theft or any unlawful and / or unauthorized form of processing.


    Do you have questions?

    Do you have any specific questions or comments about us as a result of this information or about our Privacy Policy, please contact Here you can also ask your questions about access, correction, objection and removal of your data.


    In case of complaints about the processing of your personal data, you may contact the Personal Data Authority / Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens. We kindly ask you to report this to us, as well, so that we can take immediate action.

    What our customers say about Tranzer

    Traveling makes one modest. You see the tiny place you occupy in the world

    I live a flexible life and I love to discover new cities on my own. Travelling with Tranzer gives me the opportunity to travel flexibly. I can choose a transit plan based on my needs and wants just at the moment I need it.

    Zoë, Consultant

    ‘Purchase one ticket for the entire trip’

    I travel a lot and I’m always looking for the quickest travel option from the airport to the place I need to be. Tranzer saves me a lot of time, because at the moment I arrive at the airport I can buy the quickest travel option for the entire trip at once.

    Morris, Sales man

    'Spontaneous travelling is now so much easier'

    Getting from A to B was always a little challenging in a new city. Now all it takes to get somewhere are a few taps on my phone!

    Daniel, Consultant

    'An app that helps me get around the city'

    I don't have to worry about tickets and getting to know the transport network of a city anymore - now I can focus on what I want to do instead of how to get there.

    Robert, Manager

    'It's great to pay for all the different transport services in one place'

    Carrying different types of tickets around is a thing of the past for me. If I want to get somewhere all I have to do is fill my destination, pay and I'm off.

    Demi, Designer


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