Dutch public transport app Tranzer wins at Transport Ticketing Global Awards

Tranzer awarded in London as Best Smart City Initiative

Amersfoort, January 24, 2018 - The Dutch app Tranzer has won the award for Best Smart City Initiative during the annual Transport Ticketing Global Awards in London. The jury praised the app, which was launched in the Netherlands in December, for the innovative concept, the user-friendliness and the best user experience.

Transport Ticketing Global awards

Transport Ticketing Global is an annual conference of organisations involved in transport ticketing, passenger information and the development of smart cities. The conference holds a global vision for smart public transport: it must be intelligent, sustainable, interconnected and cost-effective for both users and operators. The prestigious awards presented during this meeting to recognise companies and initiatives that contribute to this vision. Yesterday Tranzer won the 'Smart City’ category.

Paul Rooijmans and Sanneke Mulderink, the founders of Tranzer, are honored with the prize. Mulderink: "It is proof that our app is a groundbreaking concept. We are pushing boundaries and showing how ‘Mobility as a Service’ serves the traveller and brings them from door to door, rather than just being a single-mode technology.” Rooijmans agrees: "This award recognises that the traveller should be at the centre of public transport technology, and confirms that we are on the right track and motivates us to keep innovating and improving to provide the traveller with even more service and comfort."


The Tranzer app was launched in the Netherlands at the beginning of December. With the app you plan and buy your entire trip in one go. It is opertor and mode independent - it does not matter which operators or modalities are used, and included train, tram, bus, metro and taxi. In the app the ticket is issued, therefore no smart card is required. Large operators such as NS, RET, Connexxion, GVB and EBS are connected and taxis can also be booked and paid in the app. Tranzer is available in the Netherlands and is currently expanding within Europe. This is possible through collaborations with LeasePlan, Transdev and KLM.

What our customers say about Tranzer

Traveling makes one modest. You see the tiny place you occupy in the world

I live a flexible life and I love to discover new cities on my own. Travelling with Tranzer gives me the opportunity to travel flexibly. I can choose a transit plan based on my needs and wants just at the moment I need it.

Zoë, Consultant

‘Purchase one ticket for the entire trip’

I travel a lot and I’m always looking for the quickest travel option from the airport to the place I need to be. Tranzer saves me a lot of time, because at the moment I arrive at the airport I can buy the quickest travel option for the entire trip at once.

Morris, Sales man

'Spontaneous travelling is now so much easier'

Getting from A to B was always a little challenging in a new city. Now all it takes to get somewhere are a few taps on my phone!

Daniel, Consultant

'An app that helps me get around the city'

I don't have to worry about tickets and getting to know the transport network of a city anymore - now I can focus on what I want to do instead of how to get there.

Robert, Manager

'It's great to pay for all the different transport services in one place'

Carrying different types of tickets around is a thing of the past for me. If I want to get somewhere all I have to do is fill my destination, pay and I'm off.

Demi, Designer


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